The Dirty Side of Cleaning – Kitchen Sponges Have More Bacteria than a Toilet Seat

By Amanda Crater If you've ever wondered why your kitchen sponge smells revolting, it's because kitchen sponges have more bacteria than, well, the whole kitchen sink.  According to a report in the Daily Mail, kitchen sponges on average carry 200,000 times the bacteria than found on a toilet seat. The Huffington Post recently reported on the details behind this nasty phenomenon in an article called, "Your Kitchen Sponge is as Revolting as It Smells." The germs and bacteria get lodged in the nooks and crannies of the sponges, which in turn result in that foul smell you find lingering on your fingers after using it.Do not despair, however, there is hope in overcoming the stinky sponge dilemma! An eco-friendly alternative to traditional kitchen sponges exists thanks to an innovative, California-based company called Pura Naturals. Pura Naturals sponges are revolutionizing the home care cleaning experience with their line of kitchen sponges that, wait for it...NEVER SMELL. Toxin-f…
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