As oil continues to gush into the Gulf and our country spends more than a billion dollars a day on foreign oil, groups of Americans across the country are showing their support for clean energy through “American Clean Energy Now” events. Beginning this week, as Congress adjourns for Memorial Day recess, Repower America, a project of the Alliance for Climate Protection, is holding dozens of events across the nation showing urgent support for climate and clean energy policies from diverse communities including veterans, business, labor and faith leaders.

“The massive oil spill off our coast has devastated whole industries, ruined the entire Gulf way of life, and proven that our dependence on dirty sources of energy is more dangerous than we ever imagined,” said Dave Boundy, Repower America campaign manager. “Meanwhile we are still spending over a billion dollars a day on foreign oil.”

President Obama has made it clear that, in the wake of the worst oil spill in America’s history, comprehensive clean energy and climate legislation is the best way to end our dangerous dependence on foreign oil and transition to a clean energy economy.

“The bright spot in our economic, environmental and national security future is clean energy. With clean energy, we can create the American jobs that we desperately need and keep our country safer at the same time,” said Boundy.

These events will amplify the voices of the countless everyday Americans who are demanding a new clean energy economy — across 15 states in a diverse array of cities, from Sioux Falls to South Bend, from Rapid City to Roanoke.

The forums are open to both the public and press and will feature discussion on how a transition to clean energy will create millions of jobs, make our nation more secure and cut pollution.

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