I spent last weekend driving a Tesla Model S from Washington DC to Atlantic City and back. Never before in my life have I driven a car that has started so many conversations. People were gathering around the car as it was parked at the supercharging station in Delaware. “Is this a Tesla? I heard about this car on the news. Can I get a look inside?” Photos were snapped. A woman chimed in, “I saw one of these last week in Virginia and I followed it just so I could check it out.” Heads were turning and tongues were wagging.

On Wednesday, Tesla made headlines when the company wired nearly half a billion dollars ($451.8M) to the Department of Energy, repaying their full loan with interest nine years early, and becoming the only American car company to have fully repaid the government.

As a race car driver, my opinion on the performance of the vehicle is this: The Tesla Model S is a masterpiece. With incredible power from the moment you touch the accelerator (no need to build up rpm) to a world-class suspension coupled with the lowest center of gravity of any sedan, this car from top to bottom is the best street vehicle I have ever driven. And when something is this good, it is sure to make some waves. And Tesla is doing just that.

Just recently in my home state of North Carolina, a legislative proposal was unanimously approved by the State Senate’s Commerce Committee that could make it illegal for Tesla to sell to NC state residents, or at the very least sell in any way other than via the established dealer network. The irony of lawmakers trying to ban the sale of an American-built, Motor Trend Car of the Year that sources from over 30 manufacturers in NC makes me shake my head and wonder.

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