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The old adage, “waste not want not” was instilled in me as a child growing up. As I have gotten older that saying has come to mean more to me, especially when it come to wasting food.

One of my personal pet peeves is never finishing my fresh baguettes before they turn hard. Fortunately I learned a simple recipe for day old/stale bread during my time living in Barcelona that uses three simple ingredients: stale bread, tomato and garlic. I share this 2 minute recipe below on the latest installment of YDT TV (or watch on You Tube here). Bon appétit!

Want more recipe suggestions? YDT’s co-founder Lauren loves to make croutons for soup out of leftover bread (the bread softens up pretty quickly in the soup). Do you have any favorite recipes of ideas for day old/stale bread? Share them in the comments.


Here’s another easy recipe for a soup with freshly made croutons that makes a great dish.
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