Reasons why people spend their free time frenetically writing posts on Energy Efficiency are numerous: passion, willingness to share, desire to raise others’ awareness, just the pleasure to show off, expectation to become an expert, monetisation…

Whatever their reasons, I feel very happy to have met these blogs on my road. They are all insightful and show a high level of expertise. Hope this post will help widen our community. So these are my 12 favorites.

  1. UK Energy Saving is a consumer resource on energy saving and related topics including renewable energy, alternative fuels, recycling and water saving as well as sections on fair trade and organic products.
  2. The underlying mission of this blog is to answer the following questions : What are the environmental issues we are facing? What are the solutions? Are these solutions applied with the necessary scale and scope?
  3. Smart Energy News covers news and key trends in the clean and renewable energy fields, as well as the emerging smart grid industry.
  4. This excellent blog intends to “teach you how to reduce your expenditure by making your buildings more energy efficient”.
  5. SustainSuccess was established in 2008 to provide sustainability consulting services. Working directly for clients or as an Associate to other Consulting firms, the business has been very successful.
  6. In this website, you will access to great news forwarded or written by Matt Golden, an entrepreneur and policy advocate dedicated to helping Energy Efficiency achieve its potential as the cleanest and least cost solution to our looming climate and energy crisis.
  7. The Energy Collective is an independent, moderated community of professionals focused on the complex challenges of meeting the world’s energy needs sustainably sponsored by SIEMENS.
  8. BeAware is a collaborative research project co-funded by the European Union in the FP7/ICT programme and is spanning three years. It studies how ubiquitous information can turn energy consumers into active players.
  9. EnergySMART is a community of people who are passionate about energy and who are actively striving to make more intelligent energy management decisions.
  10. It’s a collaborative platform dedicated to all professionals active in the sustainable building sector.
  11. GreenTech Advocates is an educational and marketing resource for those selling green tech and energy management systems lead by Steve CASTLE and Mickael KNOWLES.
  12. Greentech Media is devoted to covering emerging green and clean technologies. It provides up-to-the-minute news on smart grid, enterprise energy solutions, electric vehicles, finance and VC, and policy throughout the sectors.

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