Travelocity is making it easy to conserve while traveling using their Green Hotel Directory. As you shop on their site, you’ll see this symbol green hotels marking eco-friendly hotels. Not only are these resorts making changes for a better tomorrow, many are budget friendly, too.

California is leading the pack with San Francisco listing 17 hotels and its neighbor to south, Los Angeles, comes in second with 11 hotels. Other cities include Honolulu and Portland tying for third place with 8 hotels each.

How do you know they’re green? Travelocity’s Green Hotel Directory works with green hotel certifiers and programs whose standards closely align with the TSC’s criteria. Each of the hotels in the directory has been endorsed by a leading green hotel certification provider, appears in the Rainforest Alliance’s Eco-Index of Sustainable Tourism, or is making significant strides in at least three of the four areas the TSC’s criteria.

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