olar_impulse_624inOn March 9th 2015 the revolutionary airplane named “Solar Impulse 2” launched its first leg of its 35,000 mile trip around the world to help raise awareness of the Future is Clean Campaign.    Starting off in Abu Dhabi the plane is set to stop in various global locations and is being tracked for audiences online.  The Solar Impulse 2 (aka Si2)is a lot larger than its predecessor the Solar Impulse 1, which was the prototype that  set several solar powered flight world records in 2013.  This version of the aircraft is wider than a 747 Jumbo Jet with a wingspan of 72 metres (236.22 feet) and yet is still a light 2.3 tonnes.  It’s light weight is key to the success of the plane that has 17000 solar panels built into its wings.

Solar energy is estimated to become the dominant energy source of the future, as predicted by the International Energy Agency. (IEA)

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