Mobbo Electric Unicycle Looks Strangely Familiar

Nino Marchetti A new electric, self-balancing unicycle was recently unveiled by the folks from Mobbo. It may actually not be that new, however, as it strongly resembles a very similar device we covered back in 2011. The Mobbo Electric Unicycle, according to the company selling it, has a range of 16 km/h and a top speed of 16 km/h, which are the same specifications as the Solowheel from Inventist. There’s a red plastic piece on the two which looks the same, and both share gyro sensors, a 1000-watt motor and a rechargeable battery, which captures energy cruising downhill and slowing down/stopping (via regenerative braking, like a Prius). image via Mobbo Inventist, at the time we covered the Solowheel unicycle, was soliciting individuals and businesses interested in re-selling the device. Assuming Mobbo is a reseller, you may actually get more of a deal buying it from this company, as it prices for $999 ($1,399 regularly) from them versus $1,795 from its original c…
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