Yoga Instructor to Trucking CEO; Caitlin Welby’s Journey to the Driver’s Seat at RFX

How did an art school grad, yoga instructor, who was so against car culture that she didn’t get her drivers license until she was 28 end up the CEO of a trucking company? We didn’t believe it either. 32 year-old Caitlin Welby may not be the youngest CEO, but this drifter’s “road less traveled” recently landed her squarely in the driver’s seat of a sixty year old trucking company founded by her grandfather. RFX (which stands for Refrigerated Food Express) was founded in 1952 by Welby’s grandfather, Thomas E. Welby, Sr. and then run by her grandmother and her father until his death in 2000. The self-described punk rock artist was repulsed by the dirty business of trucking and preferred to wander the planet than to step foot near her father’s business—which she felt was destroying the planet. After spending her twenties traveling as a countercultural, eco-conscious bohemian, Welby gravitated toward leadership training and found a somewhat unsettling affinity toward …
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