Charge your Mobile Battery with your own Body Heat

These shorts and sleeping bag charge your mobile devices Smart materials in the Power Shorts use kinetic energy created by the wearer's movements to charge mobile phones Modules attached to the fabric of the Recharge Sleeping Bag capture thermal energy from a sleeper's body to create an electric charge Products have been developed by Vodafone and Southampton University By Victoria Woollaston Festival goers need never run out of phone battery again thanks to a new range of denim shorts and sleeping bags that use body heat and movement to generate electricity. The Power Shorts and Recharge Sleeping Bag can charge a phone's battery by harvesting energy from the human body using kinetic and thermoelectric technology. The wearable phone chargers have been designed by mobile phone company Vodafone with help from the University of Southampton. Vodafone has teamed up with the University of Southampton to create wearable phone chargers for festival goers. Th…
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