The Starfish are Melting, the Starfish are Melting!

By Amanda Crater for (watch video below) This can't be good. News broke this week about a mysterious virus affecting millions of starfish along the West Coast from Mexico to Alaska. "Sea Star Wasting Syndrome" has been decimating more than 20 species of starfish for about a year, and scientists this week discovered the culprit which has been widely reported on. Marine biology researchers investigating the virus linked to the “wasting” deaths of countless starfish are looking at what role environmental causes might play in the massive die-off. Scientists have identified the specific virus responsible for the ongoing devastation of starfish along the Pacific Coast of Canada, the United States, and Mexico, as reported by The Seattle Times did an in-depth report that said, "[I]t remains unclear if the pathogen’s current deadly spread is part of a complex natural cycle — or whether blame for this massive die-off is linked in some way to …
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