BitSource Web Development #ExportingCode

Last week I was fortunate enough to go to Fast Company’s Meeting of the Most Creative Minds conference in Los Angeles. The conference featured several amazingly innovative companies that I will also write about later but my favorite aspect was the other attendees. Most of these companies were based in LA but a few flew from all over the nation (and some even other parts of the world!) and there is one that I cannot get out of my head. BitSource is a company who is breathing life back into a sleepy town in eastern Kentucky. The economy there had heavily relied on the coal industry and had suffered tremendously in the loss. Two former coal miners founded BitSource with a mission to bring back jobs to Appalachia country.   The company offers an array of web development services from programming languages to media and VR design to application development (and much more). The founders knew coal miners to be logic-based thinkers willing to work hard and learn. Afterall, w…
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It’s Not Just About Money Anymore – Top 100 Sustainable Companies List

Corporate Knights Top 100 Sustainable Companies List Corporate Knights is a business advisory company based in Toronto Ontario Canada.  Since 2005 they have published a top 100 global sustainable company ranking list which has grown more popular over the years.  Last month the new list (for which the judging starts each October 1st) was published.  The USA took the top two spots and a total of twenty USA companies made the top 100 list.   Twelve Canadian companies made the list with Tim Horton’s being the highest ranked at slot 11. USA Companies in the Top 100

Rank / Company Name / Industry

1 Biogen Idec - Biotechnology

2 Allergan - Pharmaceuticals

18 Johnson & Johnson - Pharmaceuticals

26 Coca-Cola Enterprises - Beverages

38 Sigma-Aldrich - Chemicals

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