Pot Growers Costing Canada $500 Million in Power Theft

Katherine Tweed of GreentechMedia It’s no secret that it takes a lot of energy to grow blueberry kush, purple sour diesel, voodoo or any of the dozens of other potent strains of marijuana available in North America. In the U.S. alone, indoor cannabis require about $5 billion in power annually, mostly to power the irrigation system and powerful lights that the plants grow beneath. Many indoor pot growers are not paying their electric bills in full, likely because they are outlaws in the eyes of the Canadian and U.S. federal governments. Many marijuana growers mask their operations by stealing some or all of the power needed to sustain the grow lights. But that could be changing, not only because of states like Washington and Colorado legalizing pot, but also because of advanced meters that can give utilities new insight into who might be stealing power to grow weed. “They’re starting to pull in smart meter data and correlate it,” said Zach Pollack, senior analyst …
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