Fun Fall Festivities for the Greenie at Heart

Fall is a great time of the year to get outside and enjoy all our planet has to offer. With the weather beginning to cool down, leaves starting to change colors, and the holidays coming soon, this is a wonderful season to bond with the family and enjoy some fun fall festivities. Green Businesses has a few favorites we love to do every year. Maybe you do too? Apple Picking Apple picking may be available all year round, but autumn just so happens to be the most festive time of the year to indulge in such a fun activity. You may have to drive a distance to get to your destination, but it is well worth the drive. The human soul seems to regenerate as you get out of that car and find yourself surrounded by trees and mountains and nature. It is so satisfying to walk through the fields of trees, picking and choosing which apple you would like to enjoy, twisting the select few until they snap off the branch, and later enjoying a crisp and delectable snack. Not to mention, these a…
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