Saving The Planet, One Green Surfboard At A Time

by Amanda Crater. See her full article at MainandPCH. It is no secret that surfers love the ocean and want to protect the environment,  but who knew that surfing can be toxic?  In a sport that is constantly evolving, in a town at the very heart of the surfing industry where pros and brands are born,  Larry Bertlemann -- Hawaiian surfing legend who shook up a generation of surfers with his unique style and approach to the industry in the 1970s --  is once again carving his mark onto future generations of surfers through his company, "Be Better Boards" by Bertlemann. Larry "Rubberman" Bertlemann was on the scene of this year's US Open of Surfing in Huntington Beach, getting inducted into the surfing Walk of Fame and drawing attention to an issue that is near and dear to the heart of surfers everywhere: the health of the ocean and the people who love to be in it. "There are only two types of people in this whole world, leaders and followers, and I don't follow nobody," Be…
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Top 10 Most Interesting Cleantech News Stories from July

published on: CleanTechnica. This is the third monthly report of 10 of the most compelling clean energy and clean technology stories encountered over the last month. Over a thousand articles were reviewed across many energy platforms, including renewables, fuels, energy generation, energy conservation, and climate. Here are my “Top 10” that might have an impact on your business, your life, and the world we live in. Or, at the very least, might surprise you about what’s going on. And, giving credit where due, thanks to Dave Letterman for the Top 10 idea, listed in reverse order. 10. Perhaps a model for industrialized nations, Australia is focused on a 100% renewable energy grid from wind and solar by 2040. Because wind power plants are already cheaper to build than new coal or gas plants — and solar plants soon will be. And, by 2040, most aging Aussie fossil fuel plants will be retired. This is also true in India. 9. Researchers at Wetsus in the Netherlands have publish…
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