President Announces Climate Change Action Plan

President Obama may have campaigned in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia as the Coal miner's brother...and even ran "Mitt Romney is anti-coal" ads, but today he removed his coat, rolled up his sleeves and gave the carbon fuel industry a 1-2 punch to the gut. In Georgetown before a crowd of exuberant but sweaty students, he announced his new National Climate Action Plan, "...And I'm here to enlist your generation's help in keeping the United States of America a leader -- a global leader -- in the fight against climate change." The 21-page plan would expand production of solar and wind energy and includes billions of dollars in loan guarantees to develop cleaner fossil-fuel and other energy technologies. It also funds new efforts to help communities fight against flooding, wildfires, and drought, and puts more emphasis on working with countries such as India and China to jointly lower emissions of gases that warm the atmosphere. Obama touted the achievements of "nearly a d…
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