Pub Thirty-Two

Review View their profile page here. So a new restaurant opened up a few weeks ago by my home and caught my attention. Pub Thirty-Two, a restaurant that prides themselves with an organic menu focused on sustainability and local farms. I quickly reached out to the restaurant and arranged an interview with head chef Glen Tinsley, who was happy to meet with me and spread the word about this establishment. As I walked in for the first time, I was greeted quickly by the kind ladies behind the bar and did not have to wait long for the chef to come and join me. As I glanced around, the restaurant exhibited a very clean, simple, and rustic feel, with wooden tables, chalkboard menus, and interesting light fixtures. On each table was adorned a cream, floating candle or a succulent in a metal plant pot which gave the perfect finishing touches to this professional, yet relaxed, location. Chef Glen Tinsley, born and raised here in Mission Viejo, California has worked all over the w…
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