It’s Time to Show Your Love Using Local Flowers

This Valentine’s Day, urges us all to support local farmers and florists by choosing sustainable, American-grown bouquets for our loved ones. Even though the retail flower market is strong ($7-8 Billion per year), stats show that only 2% of roses sold annually are actually grown in the USA. has nearly five hundred florists committed to sourcing their flowers from the USA, and they are looking to you to help them drive business away from the 1-800 tele-florists and their imported bouquets. has launched a farm-to-vase crusade and aims to make Valentine’s 2015 a flower revolution.  This year, florists are turning down 1-800 orders that flow into their businesses every February – choosing instead to deliver only domestic flowers and foliage to their customers. Debra Prinzing, founder of has faith that you will make the right choice if you are given the options. “Fifty-eight percent of consumers would rather …
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