The Noiseless, Waveless, Freaky Fast Watercraft of Tomorrow

Meet the Quadrofoil. Silent, Smooth, Eco-Friendly and Freaky Fast. This eco-friendly, electric-powered personal watercraft offers zero emissions but maximum fun as you navigate lakes, rivers and oceans at up to 40 knots…making even a James Bond escape seem sedate. The innovation is in the patented hydrofoil technology that allows the craft to float above the water as wing-like blades called hydrofoils create lift beneath the surface of the water. Quadrofoil is the first all-electric, totally environmentally friendly watercraft and can even be taken to marine-protected areas. Its patented hydrofoil steering system, automatic balancing, stabilization and airtight top module renders this two-person watercraft almost unsinkable as it cuts silently through waves up to 20 inches high. Want One? Simple. Place and order and deposit and you may just have delivery by March of 2015. You can expect to pay in the $20k range for this 2-seater, which can be pay for itself in one summer …
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