Ecocapsule- World’s Smallest Solar House

The Ecocapsule (or Eggo-capsule?) is a new form of mini Glamping. It may not be the prime spot to host a party, but for the chic, pod-dwelling nomads among us, the Ecocapsule is strides beyond a basic shelter and nicer looking than most trailers or RVs. If you've ever felt like leaving it all behind, you can live off the grid for up to a year. It's got a bed, kitchen, bathroom and work area, and a couple windows to let in the breeze. No need to plug into the grid — there's a wind turbine and bank of solar cells built in to charge a battery for light and heat, and rainwater is filtered and collected into a tank under the floor. Power Supply A 750-watt wind turbine and 600-watt solar array collect energy. Assuming outside temperatures stay between -13° and 104°F, the capsule can consistently produce all its own power. A super-efficient climate-control system helps: On its way to the exhaust fan, heated air passes through channels alongside fresh air, warming it up. Video E…
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