10 Critical Tips to Protect Your Family During Fire Season

California’s fire season has just begun heating up for 2014, starting with a wildfire in Silverado Canyon. The fire began Friday morning and has spread across at least 1600 acres by Saturday afternoon. Many homes have been mandatorily evacuated, and even more voluntarily evacuated. Even “A smoke advisory was issued throughout Orange and Riverside counties, including Irvine to the west, Corona to the north, Lake Elsinore to the east, and San Clemente to the south” reports NBC news. Luckily, Santa Ana winds will not be hindering the firefighters today, although Southern California is experiencing triple digits today and, the frustrating and infamous CA drought is not helping conditions either. Whether you live in the drought-prone areas of California or the more cool and wet areas of the North, it is always smart to practice fire-safety and be prepared! Here are 10 tips, Green Businesses agrees will help protect you from fires in your life. 1) Have and maintain smoke alar…
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