IKEA Stores In China Embrace Solar Power

The Climate Group Nearly half of IKEA stores in China have gone solar in the last year, with yearly electric energy production now topping 1.6 Million kilowatt hours. The launch ceremony for the IKEA-Hanergy Grid-Connected Solar Power Generation Project was held today in the Beijing IKEA Store, during which IKEA and Hanergy, both members of The Climate Group, announced the preliminary results of the project. The thin-film panels installed on the rooftops of five IKEA stores in China, once put into operation, will provide 10-15% of all electricity needed to run those stores. Collaboration In June 2012, IKEA announced its strategic partnership with Hanergy to install solar photovoltaic panels on IKEA owned buildings in China as part of its goal to promote the undertaking of energy efficiency and emission reduction. Through one year’s efforts, thin-film photovoltaic solar panels have now been installed and tested via trial runs at IKEA stores in five cities across China, i…
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