E-Bikes and Solar Redefine Bike Transportation

SUSTAINABLE ELECTRIC BIKING Go ahead. Park your bike in the sun. This new SOLAR BIKE soaks up the rays and stores them as power that can move you at up to 30 mph. It's battery powered but needs no plugs and is an innovative and sustainable alternative to the electric bike. It is forecast that about 350,000 electric bicycles will be sold to customers in the United States by 2015 and, Asia and Europe are counted among the most important market for e-bikes. Sales of e-bikes has grown steadily each year in Europe from 98,000 units in 2006 to 588,000 units in 2010. The NY Times reports that it all began in China where an estimated 120 million electric bicycles now hum along the roads, up from a few thousand in the 1990s. They are replacing traditional bikes and motorcycles at a rapid clip and, in many cases, allowing people to avoid purchasing cars. While countries in the Asia Pacific region will continue to account for the vast majority of E-Bike sales in the next several…
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