Google Investing More than $1 Billion in Alternative Energy

Google aims to rely completely on renewable energy sources, investing over $1 billion in alternative energy sources, reported the International Business Times in this article, "Google Clean Energy: $1 Billion Investments Protect Environment And Company's Bottom Line." An article on RT provides additional analysis on Google's clean energy investment. Here is an excerpt with a link to the full article: Google investing more than $1 billion in alternative energy Around one-third of Google’s operations are made possible by renewable power, but the Silicon Valley giant is gunning to become completely reliant on resources like wind and the sun. Rick Needham, the director of Google’s Energy and Sustainability office, told CNBC recently that 34 percent of the search engine company’s day-to-day operations are currently powered by reusable resources. If all goes as planned, though, before long that statistic could soar as high up as 100 percent. Speaking to CNBC for an…
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