Breaking News: Rockefellers to Kick the Oil Habit

(See video below) By the time the Ball drops in Times Square on December 31st, The Rockefeller Brothers Fund–a private charitable foundation established in 1940–committed to reducing their exposure to coal and tar sands investments to less than one percent of their total portfolio. Could be a great way to end the new year, or "the end of the hydro carbon age" as Deborah Burke of the Fund's Sustainable Development team quoted Bill McKibben from yesterday's People's Climate March. Would father, John D. Rockefeller, Jr., the philanthropist who founded the fund, approve? Perhaps. According to the fund's Sustainable Development Guidelines, the fund already supports global stewardship that is ecologically based, economically sound, socially just, culturally appropriate, and consistent with intergenerational equity. The Fund encourages government, business, and civil society to work collaboratively on climate change, to acknowledge the moral and ethical consequences of in…
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