8 Rules of Electric Vehicle Charging Etiquette

By Brad Berman · July 14, 2013 A fresh article on electric vehicle etiquette for electric vehicle drivers recently got our attention. Simply because one drives an electric car, does not make one a master of “pure energy.” However, it is a starting place, and with a little care, one can follow through on all levels. Applying social graces at charging spots is one nice way to ensure using clean energy vehicles remains positive on all levels — personal, family, and in community. 1. EV Spots for EVs It’s absolutely never acceptable for an internal combustion car to park in a spot designated for a plug-in car. That’s a firm rule, no matter how crowded a parking lot is, and no matter how infrequently the charging location is used. 2. No Nasty Notes Electric car drivers should never leave nasty notes. If the charging spot you counted on using is ICEd—the term referring to a charging spot occupied by an internal combustion engine car—by all means, the plug-in driver should …
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