Copenhagen Bike-Sharing Service peddles The Most High-Tech Program Yet

Where I grew up,  a bike sharing meant the bike you were riding probably belonged to another kid on the street. Sometimes the bikes were even given back. I love bikes and gadgets, and I found the following article "spoke" to me. Originally published on Bikocity. For the next generation of bike-sharing innovations, take a look at Copenhagen and smile. Trains and a bike-sharing program working as one travel option now offer a GPS built into the bike. Not only do you know where to pick up your next connection – you have a schedule of all local train times between your front bars. The Europeans and Copenhageners (again) increase a bike lover’s convenience in transit with this new innovation. With an Android tablet offering a built-in GPS, real-time train departures and ticket integration, and real-time info on available bikes and docks in the area, one glides easily from destination to destination. Paul DeMaio writes: For the Blog’s U.S. readers, can you imagine Amtrak g…
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