It’s Not Just About Money Anymore – Top 100 Sustainable Companies List

Corporate Knights Top 100 Sustainable Companies List Corporate Knights is a business advisory company based in Toronto Ontario Canada.  Since 2005 they have published a top 100 global sustainable company ranking list which has grown more popular over the years.  Last month the new list (for which the judging starts each October 1st) was published.  The USA took the top two spots and a total of twenty USA companies made the top 100 list.   Twelve Canadian companies made the list with Tim Horton’s being the highest ranked at slot 11. USA Companies in the Top 100

Rank / Company Name / Industry

1 Biogen Idec - Biotechnology

2 Allergan - Pharmaceuticals

18 Johnson & Johnson - Pharmaceuticals

26 Coca-Cola Enterprises - Beverages

38 Sigma-Aldrich - Chemicals

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Huge Solar Plane Could Fly For Five Years

You think waiting for your flight to land seems like forever? This new solar plane is designed to stay aloft for 43,000+ hours. That's 5 years in calendar talk. I think I’ll need more peanuts. From Cleantechnica A solar-powered high-altitude drone made by Titan Aerospace is intended to be able to remain in flight for about five years. When manufactured, it would have 3,000 solar panels producing about 7 kW of electricity and would be above the clouds, so it would be exposed to sunlight constantly during daylight hours. One is scheduled for completion next year. The point of having such a plane would be to keep a payload in flight long-term, presumably in a manner similar to communications satellites. They could be used for surveillance applications such as environmental monitoring, fire monitoring and disaster response, among other things. Using a long-term solar drone/plane also has the advantage of being a vessel that can be safely brought back down to g…
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