Open office workspaces are popular and from a design perspective, aesthetically pleasing and attractive. But, they are also distracting. That’s not really surprising, though. Putting dozens of workers in a big room and asking them to stay focused and be productive is challenging, even on the best days.

Hayden Place: A dreamy green workplace

If I had to work in an office, Cuningham Group Architecture’s Hayden Place would be my dream green workplace.

[ Photos: Cuningham Group Architecture ]

I haven’t worked in an office building in more than a decade, but if I had to return to an office I could only hope that it would be as dreamy as Cuningham Group Architecture’s new Hayden Place office in Culver City, California. This eco-friendly workplace, which is on track for LEED Gold certification, is the epitome of what I’d consider a dream green workplace.

A small waiting area sits next to an indoor garden that helps filter office air while allowing employees to stay connected with nature. In the background you can see three of the seven repurposed shipping containers used in the Hayden Place design. The shipping containers are used to house private offices, networking equipment and as office storage space.

A closer look at the indoor garden; Hayden Place employees water and maintain the garden themselves. In addition to the indoor garden, Hayden Place also features an outdoor vegetable garden.

The majority of the 11,640 square foot Hayden Place office is open workspace. Large windows and four skylights maximize natural light while trickle vents allow fresh air in at one end of the building. The natural sea breezes then flow through the building and exit through exhaust vents at the opposite end. This system minimizes the need for artificial heating and cooling.

The entrance to one of two conference rooms at Hayden Place; the 60-foot long train- shaped structure was made from equally-sized wooden pieces arranged in a lamella pattern. The shape is a nod to the nearby light rail station.

A look inside the conference room. Although I used to loathe meetings, a conference room like this would make me reconsider that opinion.

The Hayden Place kitchen allows employees to enjoy a family-style meal while also providing a collaborative workplace for creative brainstorming sessions.

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