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Blue Planet Buildings, a Sydney based “solar energy building company” has won the Australian Business award for Best Eco Product in 2013 for a solar-powered, modular and relocatable building.

Blue Planet says its structures have special solar panels built into the roof to power appliances such as air conditioners, computers and hot water systems, emit no carbon and in fact generate carbon offset credits.

CEO Mark Ottery says the company has begun manufacturing and supplying the buildings for construction companies, government authorities, mine sites and farms – both in Australia and overseas.

The buildings an be used both on or off grid (battery storage is available), are flat packed, making them easy to transport and install – and can be erected in less than an hour. Ottery says they are “clean, green, energy efficient and cheap to run.”


Solar-Powered Modular Relocatable Building Wins Top Eco Award was originally published on: CleanTechnica.


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