A new data destruction service has been launched to allow households and SMEs to easily send their electronic waste by post to be safely disposed of.
Send & Destroy says it is the first company to offer destruction of individual data devices such as hard drives, USB sticks and tablets via post. Devices are sent through normal post or tracker courier to the company’s Hampshire-based facility to be asset listed, destroyed and recycled.


Send & Destroy then provides an official certificate of destruction as proof of secure disposal.
Company director Sam Mountain told BusinessGreen he realised there was a gap in the market for small-scale data destruction while talking with a family member who worked in a bank. With five or six hard drives that needed to be destroyed, he said, there was no low-cost easy option.
“What we’ve always found within the waste industry is it’s very corporate in a way – you have to go through quite a large company to have access to data disposal […], and there’s nothing really that caters to small quantities of data destruction,” he said.
The new venture, which comes from electronic waste management company iWaste, hopes to make disposing of small quantities of electronic waste as easy, flexible and low-cost as possible for small companies and households. Prices range from around £5 for hard drives – which have a higher intrinsic value – to around £10 for mobile phones and tablets. The devices are either incinerated or recycled.
As well as providing a solution for safely disposing of sensitive data, the company hopes to reduce the amount of electronic waste being sent to landfill by businesses and households, which the government estimates currently stands at 2.5 million tonnes a year.
Source: Recycling BG

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