Beyoncé is bringing her diet regime to you through her new company, 22 Days Nutrition, and has launched her Vegan Meal Home Delivery Service.  This service features three different plan types to choose from and all will be 100% plant based, organic, non-GMO and gluten/soy/dairy free.   After her trainer, Marco Borges, challenged Beyoncé and hubby Jay Z to a 22 day vegan nutrition program in 2013, many people have been asking how they can take the challenge too.    The result was a new venture called 22 Days Nutrition and it is becoming a hot commodity for anyone who wants to cleanse and revitalize their body so they can shape up like the stars.  After seeing her sculpted figure in the ethereal dress  Queen Bey showcased at the Grammys you can’t help but be convinced she is doing something right!  As Marco, now her business partner as well as her trainer, says; “The moment you take control of your diet is the moment you take control of what you look and feel like.”

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