Steve_Shepherd2aThank you for visiting This is a private page created for my friends and family as an introduction to a project I have been working on and praying about for the past 5 years. Although the site is currently live and fully functional (you’re on it now!), I will not be officially launching it until next month. For now, it’s important for you to see my true passion and give you a sneak peek behind the scenes. (I ask that you not share this page with anyone except Bible-believing disciples of Jesus.)

I would be so grateful if you would read all the way through this page and see why on earth I am involved with this site.

Q: So, What is a Green Business?

A: Any company or organization that adopts principles, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life for their customers, their employees, communities, and the environment. It is not just a fad, and no, you do not have to be an Al Gore fan! Recent studies show that businesses that focus on these areas are also more successful (unless they received a bag of investment cash from our president). The following terms commonly reflect the “green” movement in business: Eco-friendly, Sustainable, Hybrids, Solar Energy, Alternative Energy/Fuels, Clean Water, Electric Vehicles, Organic, Buy Local, etc.

Q: What is

  • An international news site that includes a YELP-like Directory for Green Businesses. (fully functional now)
  • A free Green Events directory for conferences, festivals, concerts, farmers markets, and myriad other green events occurring around the world. (fully functional now)
  • An international Classified Ads section (in testing phase now:
  • An international Green Job board (in testing phase now:
  • Creative Ministry resources to share the Gospel with this unique international community.

Q: What makes you think it will succeed?


  1. Our current web stats show that we are moving up daily in world rankings and expect to soon have millions of views each month from around the world. We currently average 1,000 page views each day and 200+ unique visitors daily and that rate is increasing.
  2. Green Businesses and the industries from which they are comprised are the healthiest and fastest growing in the world, and without exception, they will need to be listed in a reputable online directory. Example: Last month there were 3.5 million monthly internet searches for “Solar Panels” in the U.S. alone. Millions of customers are searching online for green businesses and products and that rate is increasing monthly.
  3. There are no barriers for a businesses to participate on this site. It’s free–for now–but they can pay to upgrade to a Featured listing.
  4. The response I have received through Twitter (3,000+ followers), Facebook and through everyone I meet is 100% positive and even enthusiastic.
  5. One Environmental news site I know grosses $6 million/year in advertising revenue (with no directory like we have). The overhead on this site is extremely low, so profitability is very attainable
  6. No international competition.
  7. The Domain name itself is so strong, it’s the internet equivalent of owning an oceanfront mall. All we need to do is add the businesses and we will have the traffic needed to succeed.

Q: How can I help?

A: I covet your prayers in the following areas:

  • Favor with business leaders and influencers in this large and diverse community.
  • Wisdom and boldness to communicate the Gospel effectively and provide an awesome business service.
  • Fellow workers with a similar passion to advance God’s kingdom (Christian writers, teachers and evangelists)
  • I am planning to begin production of new Christ-centered resources. I am not asking for donations. I am looking for a potential partners in ministry. Please let me know if you would like to help.

Q: So what does an international Green Business web site have to do with the Bible and the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
A: I’m so glad you asked. This web site is simply a new type of mission field. It offers an unprecedented opportunity to reach people who may be in love with our planet but have not experienced the love of our Creator.

Q: What will you be doing to reach them?

A: This goal of this web site is to be the premier directory for every legitimate green business on the planet. With potentially hundreds of thousands of business entities, this site will soon become a tremendous resource to access and promote businesses as well as green events, classified ads and job postings.

  • Articles: In addition to a full range of editorial content, we will offer spiritual resources on the site. These articles/postings will outline a Biblical perspective of stewardship and a clear presentation of the gospel.
  • Tracts and other printed resources. We are working on unique and compelling “green gospel” tracts that can be used at events.
  • Books/Bibles/Music: We will be creating an online store that will offer trusted books and Bibles*.
  • I sponsored my mobile fundraising services at EarthDay in Washington DC a few years ago (see the photos below). My heart was broken for the thousands of people on the Mall worshiping the creation and caring for our planet but not a single Christian ministry had a booth there. will not only be welcome at ANY green festival or event, we can probably get a free booth in exchange for promoting the event online as well as profiling all exhibitors on the site.

Q: What about all the New Age and mystical teaching that seems to pervade the environmental industry?

A: Although we will not be intentionally adding any businesses that may communicate unbiblical views, there will undoubtedly be some on the site. We believe it is our mission to allow for an open marketplace so that we can earn trust and easily share the love of God, the truth of mankind’s sinful rebellion and our need for a Savior. Obviously, we can draw the line and reject any obscene and inappropriate content that may conflict with our User Agreement.

no-green-bibleWe say NO to the Green Bible.

There will be many excellent, scripturally sound resources offered through this site. However, we will NOT be promoting the Green Bible published by Harper Collins. Although this Bible is admirably produced in a highly eco-friendly fashion, this profits-driven propaganda piece represents a mission contradictory to the publishers of this site and, more importantly, the Author of the Bible.

The Green Bible was published with the primary stated goal of focusing on the Earth and its welfare and not on the Creator and His glory. The Bible even highlights–in green text–the scriptures that pertain to the earth and the environment.

In the intro, this Bible claims that the biggest problem in the world is that the world [physical earth] is dying. The Bible itself clearly states that the biggest problem in the world is that souls are perishing because of SIN. (John 3:16, Romans 3:23, 6:23) God is going to make a new heavens and new earth one day (Isaiah 65:17, Isaiah 66:22, 2 Peter 3:13), so even though we DO NEED TO take care of our earth, it is not eternal in its current state. Our SOULS however are ETERNAL and we have to make the choice whether our souls will live eternally in heaven or live in hell forever. ~from Amazon Review



Note: I’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to some great events. Being the publisher of allows me tremendous access and credibility in this global community. Here are a few photos:


At Earth Day in Washington, DC

With Chevy Chase and family

With Chevy Chase and family

with Philippe Cousteau carrying on his grandfather's legacy

with Philippe Cousteau carrying on his grandfather’s legacy

with actor Matthew Modine

with actor Matthew Modine and Sulinh Lafontaine

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