The mission of The Women’s Institute of Negotiation (WIN) is to empower women with the skills, strategies and techniques to negotiate effectively. The Women’s Institute of Negotiation utilizes simulations, case studies, discussion and individualized coaching that provides women with experiential negotiation training that will enable them to build the psychological strength to not only ask for what they want, but feel great doing so. The Institute’s two-part program is embedded in the belief that negotiation is 80% Psychology and 20% mechanics. The Institute’s main objectives are to empower women to ask for what they want and to help women develop the skills, strategies and techniques to negotiate for what they want effectively.

The Women’s Institute of Negotiation (WIN) presents the first of its kind WOMEN NEGOTIATION INSTRUCTOR COACH (WNIC™) Certification Program – a professional training program requiring approximately 200 hours of course work and 140 hours of field work that certifies you to teach WIN’S Essential Negotiating for Women™ courses and coach women on effective negotiation strategies.  This 12-month certification program provides expert, hands-on instruction that will prepare you to work as an independent consultant, coach or in-house facilitator teaching women negotiation tools, strategies and tactics.  Women specific negotiation skills are a form of business intelligence that has created an unprecedented demand for expert training and guidance.   Our graduates will be equipped to train all over the world at major corporations, federal and state governments, the armed services, and universities and colleges

The WOMEN NEGOTIATION INSTRUCTOR COACH (WNIC™) Certification is the only program of its kind in the world. There is no other program that incorporates Women Empowerment, Gender Intelligence, Systems Thinking, Negotiation and Influence Strategies, Persuasion Tactics, Human Behavior, Psychology and Emotional Intelligence.  The program is taught by its founder Dr. Yasmin Davidds, leading international negotiation specialist.  Dr. Davidds and her specially assembled faculty and master facilitators specifically train you to integrate your new learning into whatever classes or groups you choose to facilitate. This is very important.  The program combines a holistic and developmental perspective with current best practices, evidence based theory relevant to the gender negotiation field.  Founded by Dr. Yasmin Davidds, an organizational psychologist, experienced negotiation trainer and master certified coach; the program emphasizes conceptual clarity and experiential learning in order to maximize the participant’s skills and overall effectiveness in providing negotiation coaching for women that sustains positive change.  The activities you’ll learn can be used with any kind of group you train to make the experience more powerful and effective. Most importantly, the certification program is fun, conducted in a loving context, and is deeply powerful.

WNIC™ Certification Program is a rigorous learning opportunity and the only women negotiation instructor coach certification program in existence.  This twelve-month program, combines ten robust face-to-face sessions with intensive distance learning in the interim phases including peer coaching, peer groups, mentor coaching, practice development, webinar classes, teleconference classes, required reading, and other self-study assignments. 

During your very powerful weekend training intensives, you’ll learn Dr. Davidds’ unique approach found in her book YOUR OWN TERMS:  A Women’s Guide To Taking Charge of Any Negotiation, an Award-Winning Finalist for the 2015 USA Best Book Awards.  You’ll learn from a combination of short lectures and experiential exercises, as well as partner processes, small-group exercises, guided visualizations, meditations, writing exercises, large-group processes, personal sharing, releasing exercises, and personal work.  To ensure you are completely comfortable with teaching women negotiation courses and workshops and the one-on-one coaching techniques Dr. Davidds will be teaching you, you will be working with Dr. Davidds again and again during the next twelve months along with select guest experts who will help you perfect specific aspects of your negotiation training skill set.

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