The tree T-PEE is a cone shaped, water and nutrient containment system designed for trees 1-5 years old, and made in the U.S. from 100% recycled plastics. They typically come in two colors: Black and White. The Black tree T-PEEs were designed for use with trees that flourish in heat and in tropical environments, such as citrus. The Black tree T-PEE absorbs the heat, increasing the temperature by 12 degrees around the base of the tree. The White tree T-PEEs are good for trees that deteriorate in hot, tropical environments. See our tree T-PEE University for more information and the benefits of the tree T-PEE.

The tree T PEE is beneficial to both the grower and the environment in many ways. By encompassing the water and liquid fertilizer directly to where it is needed, the grower will save money across the board in water usage, fuel, fertilizer and herbicide costs. The tree T-PEE promotes deep root growth and is a natural sprout inhibitor. By directing the water and fertilizer directly to the tree roots, the grower will likely realize up to a 30% increase in the growth of new trees. The tree t pee offers the best in frost protection and critter control on the market today. Over 5,000 acres of tree t pees have been installed with phenomenal results. Smarter irrigation starts at the roots.

Tree T Pee – The Smart Choice from Erin Freel on Vimeo.

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