The Green Connoisseur was born of the philosophy that we don’t have to sacrifice our lifestyle to save our world. Embracing the culture of socially responsible luxury purchasing, rather than the idea of over-consumption, is the platform on which this website was founded. We have carefully and conscientiously delineated a criteria for all brands that are reviewed and discussed at The Green Connoisseur. In that way, you can feel confident that everything you see on our pages falls within discernable guidelines for sustainability and with eco-consideration in mind. A dramatic and exciting change is taking place in our consumer marketplace. Never before have we had such eco-conscious products and services available in the luxury sector. As more and more luxury brands embrace the concept of sustainability, The Green Connoisseur will be here to help you navigate your growing options.

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As a Green Business we are in compliance with environmental regulations and take voluntary steps beyond compliance in the areas of• Pollution Prevention

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