Get the Best Omakase in Kampong Bugis at Sushi SEIZAN. Cozy, small Japanese Sushi / Omakase Restaurant. Sushi based on Edo-Mae by 20 years experienced chef & Kappo supervised by SEIZAN (2 Michelin star Japanese cuisine in Tokyo). We want to be the best Omakase place as “Introduction” or your starter of Japanese food. Not too luxurious, Just enjoy our cozy place. Japanese food beginners are also welcome. Not only Sushi but premium Japanese Sake, whisky, and wine are waiting for you. For your any occasion like business, celebration, birthday, anniversary, relax with friends. Looking forward to seeing you! SEIZAN is from a Japanese food town, Wisma. Glad to serve our food after 2 years!! Japanese food / Omakase / Sushi / Bugis / Bugis Cube / Near me / Premium sake

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