Stylish Hound was founded by two hound loving humans, Karen and Edward’s background in Design & Branding, met with Karen’s experience in Design & Product development, led to the pair creating their playful, creative brand late in 2019. Stylish Hound has made leaps and bounds since it’s birth, connecting with countelss dog lovers who are looking for that extra way to show their dedication to their furry friends.

Stylish Hounds creates products that are affordable, functional and seriously stylish for both owners and their dogs. Each unique product is specifically designed to integrate into the active, healthy and fun outdoor doogs lifestyle of a dog owner. The brand’s exciting prints, functional focus and creativity connects dogs with their owners whilst blending seamlessly within a modern, fur-family home. As a contemporary boutique brand, Stylish Hound has been commiitted to ethical practice, sustainability and environmental kindness, as seen in their movement toward etc-friendly, biodegradable materials and packaging.

Stylish Hound come about through Karen’s unending dedication to her four legged companion, Bagel the Beagle. Karen and Bagel’s regular routine was unexpectedly interrupted when she unfortunately underwent an accident and found herself with a broken arm. This made trips to the great outdoors with Bagel a significant challenge for karen, in fact, walking her dog became pretty much impossible. Then came a genius solution, and the brand’s signature product, the no pull harness. From this catalys came a solution based brand that makes functional, stylish products that brings humans and hounds closer together.

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