Somerville Tree Care Expert Certified Arborists for All Your Tree Care Needs in Somerville, MA and Surrounding Areas At Somerville Tree Care, we understand the importance of trees in maintaining a healthy environment, and we are committed to providing top-notch tree care services to our clients in Somerville, MA and surrounding areas. Our team of certified arborists is highly trained and experienced in handling all tree-related issues, including pruning, removal, disease diagnosis, treatment, and more. We use the latest tools and techniques in the industry to ensure the best possible results for our clients. Our services include Tree Pruning: We offer professional pruning services to improve the health and appearance of your trees, prevent the spread of diseases or pests, and remove hazardous limbs or branches that may pose a danger to people or property. Tree Removal: Our certified arborists can safely and efficiently remove trees of any size, ensuring that there is no damage to surrounding property. Tree Planting We can help you choose the best species of trees to plant based on the soil type, climate, and other factors, and ensure proper planting techniques are used for the tree’s survival and long-term health. Disease and Insect Infestation Diagnosis and Treatment: Our certified arborists are trained to identify and treat tree diseases and insect infestations, recommending the best treatment options to restore the tree’s health. Stump Grinding: We provide fast and efficient stump grinding services to remove unsightly and hazardous tree stumps from your property. At Somerville Tree Care, we are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with our clients by providing exceptional service and care for their trees. We are passionate about the environment and work tirelessly to ensure that trees thrive and remain healthy for generations to come. Choose Somerville Tree Care for all your tree care needs in Somerville, MA and surrounding areas. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn more about our comprehensive range of tree care services. Our team of certified arborists is here to help you maintain a healthy and beautiful environment inside and out of your home.

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