Solar Compounds Corporation is an innovative company specializing in environmentally friendly products within the wire and cable industry, advanced technology and electrical services, and high performance adhesives. Based out of New Jersey, USA, this company has been serving its community for almost 100 years! So, the next time you find yourself in the need of one of these services, you can trust Solar Compounds Corporation to get the job done right.


Solar Compounds Corporation was founded in 1920 in Linden, New Jersey. Until 1940, Solar manufactured varnishes for the wire finishing industry. In the years that followed, Solar Compounds expanded its capabilities, developing and manufacturing high performance polymers for industrial, military, and commercial wire and cable manufacturers.

Today, operations consist of the large-scale production of sealants, adhesives and coating compounds for the worldwide wire and cable industry. In addition to being a key supplier to the wire and cable industry, Solar Compounds Corporation has developed into a major supplier of advanced technology epoxy and silicone electrical/electronic potting and encapsulating compounds for a broad range of electrical devices used in automotive and appliance applications. In addition, Solar produces an extensive product range of high performance adhesives for a wide variety of industrial adhesive applications.

Today, Solar’s corporate offices, R&D laboratories and manufacturing facilities occupy more than 5 acres. Solar has become a major worldwide supplier of an expanded product line of advanced technology polymers to a broad range of industries.

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