Ross Organic has become known as a leader in the sales of eco-friendly, natural, mild and value-added specialty ingredients. We employ a team of technical sales professionals who work with marketers & formulators to help them develop new and improved cosmetic, personal care and home care products. We distribute the products we sell out of our NACD approved 40,000 sq. ft. facility in the Los Angeles, CA (Santa Fe Springs) area.

Ross Organic has twenty-five years of experience selling into the cosmetic, personal care and home care industries. This history gives us a deep understanding of our customer base and has given us a solid foundation from which we operate our business today. We have structured our selling team to service customers of all scope and size. Our sales team places the highest value on long-term, sustainable growth. We look to sell concepts, ideas and new technology and understand that the process takes great care and time.

More and more clients look at suppliers, like Ross Organic, for guidance on what raw materials they can use and what claims they can make. In this way, we have become a premier supplier of specialty ingredients and a leading resource for information and solutions. Our quarterly newsletter, “The Source”, is read by over 3,000 industry professionals. We aim to continue this trend of “thought leadership” as we look to the future.

Who are our customers?
Our customers are marketers, formulators and manufacturers of cosmetic and personal care and home care products located in the western region. Any person or entity that is creating a new product is a potential client of Ross Organic.

Who are our suppliers?
Our suppliers are technology-driven organizations who are expert and ethical manufactures of specialty ingredients. Core suppliers include Rhodia, a member of the Solvay Group, Schulke and Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. We operate under exclusive contracts with our suppliers to represent their product lines in the cosmetic, personal care and home care sectors. Our mission is to develop mutually-rewarding long-term relationships.

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