PracticeHub is a division of the Avant Mutual Group, a member-owned organisation that has been supporting doctors and their practices for more than 125 years.

Now representing over 78,000 health practitioners and medical students across every state and territory, we understand better than anyone the complexities and risks of running a practice, as we have seen first-hand how gaps or failures in practice systems and processes can contribute to poor patient outcomes, complaints or legal actions against a practice.

Today our technology and services are used by more than 900 practices to support more than 8,500 practice staff.

We believe that at the heart of every successful practice is a team who have their finger on the pulse of the business. Increasing complexity, regulatory change and medico-legal risks are making running a successful practice more difficult, which is made even more challenging by technology that doesn’t seamlessly integrate.

That is why we have developed our Practice Operations Platform and advisory services to simplify practice management through a suite of integrated applications and complementary services, ensuring that practice managers can always be in control of their practice operations and nothing falls between the cracks. Our vision is to do for practice management what clinical management software has done for clinical practice.

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