Poppy Cakes is a family-run bakeshop delivering the best homemade Olive Oil Cakes to customers across the country. With an appreciation for the superior tastes found only in homemade desserts made from scratch, Poppy Cakes Bakeshop sources only the finest, freshest ingredients and uses traditional Italian baking techniques in allour recipes.  Never taking a shortcut, every flavor of our show-stopping Olive Oil Cake is made to order, packed fresh out of the oven, and delivered quickly to your door and into your heart.  Whether you are treating yourself, sending a mail order food gift for a special occasion, or want to impress guests at your next dinner party, Poppy Cakes Bakeshop will make the ordering, shipment, and delivery of your cake fast, easy, and enjoyable. Delicious when served with coffee in the morning, fruit or ice cream for dessert, or all on their own, there are so many options you’ll find it impossible to choose just one flavor!  Not to worry, though:our cakes freeze beautifully, just in case you can resist finishing every lastslice! Unbelievably moist with a tender crumb, Poppy Cakes Bakeshop’s artisanal Olive Oil Cakes are a return to homemade cakes baked from scratch and packed with flavor that will leave you wondering how you ever settled for store-bought. Before the last bite, you’ll be placing your next order!

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