Organic Milling is a 50 year premier leading manufacturer for all customized breakfast cereal and granola programs. Our products are available in grocery and specialty stores throughout the U.S. and are typically sold under a retailer’s private label or store brand name.

Whether it is for one item, or an extensive line of breakfast cereals and granolas, Organic Milling is the best source for customizing, creating and manufacturing premium private label, contract manufacturing or branding opportunities.

We at Organic Milling offer a comprehensive, customized breakfast cereal and granola program that will allow you to conveniently engage in ‘one stop shopping’ – conventional / main stream, all natural, Kosher Certified and Organic Certified manufacturing opportunities. From initial concept to delivery of the finished product, our turnkey operation provides an incredible array of capabilities, including packaging, graphic design, merchandising, product development and manufacturing.

We have the flexibility to customize each product to meet your individual needs, or produce an indistinguishable national brand equivalent. In addition, we recognize that product quality, innovation, and consistency with appropriate branding are the keys to private label, branding and contract manufacturing success

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