This Earth-friendly company works in all areas of pesticides and fertilizers. Whether looking for your own backyard, or for a farm, or for an entire agricultural industry; Organic Laboratories, Inc can help you.


David Keen founded Organic Laboratories, Inc. in 1995. His goal was to develop products that would maximize plant healthcare and production, while minimizing the environmental impacts that were just beginning to be discovered about traditional synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Today, Organic Laboratories offers an unmatched wealth of knowledge, research and development acumen and product expertise. Organic Laboratories is one of the leading producers and marketers of earth friendly pesticides and fertilizers. The product line includes retail lawn and garden products for the home gardener and high-octane professional products for the agricultural/viticulture industries, commercial landscapers, ornamental nurseries and golf course and stadium turf superintendents.

Organic Laboratories is committed to leading edge science and research. Organic Laboratories’s trade secret formulas are developed in Stuart, Florida headquarters and serve as high-performance, affordable and sustainable alternatives
to synthetic agricultural chemicals.

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