How OrgKonnect Makes it Easier to Target Accounts Effectively?

An actionable organizational chart can be a valuable tool for organizations of all sizes as it provides an overall visual representation of a prospective organization’s structure. It not only shows the hierarchy of positions but also highlights the specific roles and responsibilities of each position.

Moreover, BizKonnect’s Org Chart tool, OrgKonnect is one such tool that is designed to provide a clear understanding of the organizational structure of prospective accounts, making it easier for marketers to identify minor details of the company. It includes:

·         Overall understanding of the chain of command

·         Information about the prospect’s relationship dynamics

·         Multiple entry points to the target companies

·         An outlet for decision-makers and influencers

·         Insights into the budget cycle of the prospects, etc.

Overall, BizKonnect’s Org Chart tool, OrgKonnect helps to approach prospects at the right time with relevant offerings, improve communication, and ultimately, increase productivity.

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