If you are after a quick flowering shrub, Lilly Pilly Hedge is the best option. There are many varieties of Lilly Pillies ranging in size, flower, and fruit. Some varieties can grow up to 10 metres in height and some will grow short or large. Some varieties will bear edible berries and others don’t. It’s best to buy Lilly Pilly hedge from reliable plant nurseries in Melbourne. They grow in most environments and prefer warm and moist soil. Lilly Pilly Varieties are extremely durable.  When it comes to selecting the right Lilly Pilly hedge, you need to consider many things.

If you have your eyes on Magnolia, you have landed rightly. Magnolia trees are the best addition to your garden. Be it for fencing or hedging, magnolias can bring more charm to your garden. These evergreen trees are known for their versatility and show-stopping flowers and foliage. They contrast the other green plants in the garden. There are many magnolia varieties in Australia available in a variety of sizes and colours. If you are looking out for a magnolia tree for sale online, we’ve put together the very best magnolia trees in Australia for your garden.  Let’s check it out.

Anigozanthos, popularly known as Masquerade Kangaroo Paw is the only blue variant flowering plant with teal and eye-catching flowers and blue-green foliage. They are relatively low-maintenance and tough and give a vibrant pop of colour to your entire garden. As these are spectacular, you must get a good-quality container plant from a reliable plant nursery like Online Plants. They have the best Australian plants and flowering shrubs online and have a plant nursery in Melbourne for you to visit. You can even get a good shot of this beauty in Kings Park Botanic Garden in Australia.

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