DiamondGlow® is an advanced microdermabrasion treatment that combines exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of skin-specific serums to improve skin health.

This noninvasive microdermabrasion treatment is fully customizable and is a great solution for a variety of skin concerns, including: Fine lines and wrinkles Dark spots and discoloration, Dull, congested skin, Roughness and dryness

DiamondGlow can enhance your skin’s radiance, treat hyperpigmentation and photodamage, and even out your skin tone with its 3-in-1 technology: Exfoliation with a precise diamond tip that removes dry, damaged skin. Extraction is done with high-power suction to deep clean the skin’s surface and pores. Infusion of advanced serums into highly receptive skin delivers professional-grade results. DIAMONDGLOW is designed to work together with professional-grade SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serums for optimal procedure results. Take-home regiments allow you to keep the glow going between treatments.

What sets DiamondGlow apart from other microdermabrasion procedures is the ability to exfoliate the skin and infuse it with serum at the same time. By infusing the skin with serums at the same time of exfoliation, the treatment maximizes the penetration of active ingredients at precise skin depths. It also enhances the skin’s absorption of the serum used and retains it at a deeper level below the skin’s surface. This contributes to optimizing the plumpness, volume, hydration, tone, and texture of the skin.

Here are two different DIAMONDGLOW Facial treatments available:

DIAMONDGLOW Facial takes approximately 30 minutes, includes a SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serum of your choice, and is the perfect procedure for those who are looking for a non-evasive results-oriented treatment.

DIAMONDGLOW Deluxe Facial takes approximately 60 minutes and includes a pre-treatment enzyme or peel, SkinMedica® Pro-Infusion Serum, and a post treatment luxurious mask and massage.

Contact us for further membership information: 360-338-0289

Save $75 per treatment when you become a DIAMONDGLOW Member. Monthly memberships includes an added skin revitalizing pre-treatment enzyme or peel.

Save even more when you become a DIAMONDGLOW Deluxe Member and receive all the deluxe benefits at a special membership price, plus 10% off all your in-store product purchases.

Contact us for further membership information: 360-338-0289

This microdermabrasion facial is suitable for any skin type. It helps patients achieve healthier-looking skin in just one treatment. There is no downtime with DiamondGlow. You are free to put on makeup and go about your normal day immediately after your treatment.

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