No More Pain Ergonomics was established in 2013. Since our establishment, we have helped over 2000 people resolved their aches and pains. By 2016 we plan to have helped over 10,000 people. Our vision is to create healthy, comfortable and productive workplaces through correct ergonomic setup.Our product range includes the most commonly prescribed and recommended ergonomic solutions including ergonomic mouse, ergonomic keyboards, ergonomic chairs and more. Our products are backed by a money back guarantee, meaning if it doesn’t help to solve your aches and pains, simply send it back to us and we’ll refund your money.If you are unsure about which product is best suited for your ergonomic related pain, simply contact us and one of our Health Professionals will help you find the most appropriate ergonomic solution for you. We want to help you resolve your aches and pains! It’s what we do best, so give us a call or send us an email.
If there is an ergonomic mouse, ergonomic chair or any other ergonomic product you are looking for that we do not stock, simply contact us and we will endeavour to order the product in specifically for you.

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