Matic Express is headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with a branch office in Changsha, China. As a professional international logistics and freight forwarding service provider, we have over 10 years of experience in air and ocean freight services. We are mainly engaged in international transportation services, including airfreight, ocean freight, road freight, express services, warehousing, customs clearance, etc. Matic Express has been adhering to the service concept of professionalism, rigor and integrity, taking the realization of customer value as the core mission, constantly innovating and striving to bring more possibilities for our partners.

1. Professional team

No one can do all the work alone, perfect teamwork drives us to a higher ladder. Every employee is an indispensable and valuable resource for Matic Express, and many of them have been with us since the first day of the company’s establishment. Most of the team members are experts with more than ten years of logistics experience, familiar with the processes of warehousing, transportation, customs clearance, etc. They can customize the optimal solution by combining the cargo details and your needs to enhance the transportation efficiency and reduce the logistics cost for our customers to the maximum extent.

2. Rich resources

Matic Express has its own warehouses in Shenzhen, China and Los Angeles, USA, which are strategically located. At the same time, we manage inbound and outbound cargoes through our warehouse management system to improve the efficiency of cargo delivery. We have long-term and stable cooperation with many famous shipping companies (e.g. Evergreen, Star Line, Mason, Maersk, ONE) and airlines (e.g. China Southern, Air China, Sichuan Airlines, Xiamen Airlines, EK, Cathay Pacific) to represent many routes and warehousing resources, so we can guarantee the warehouse space, timeliness and price regardless of low and high seasons.

3. One-stop service

We are not only your logistics partner, but also your business partner in China. We not only have Matic Express, but also have established Matic Media and Matic IOT, so not only logistics and transportation, we also provide a wide range of value-added services, from product sourcing, product testing, product photography, logo design, customs clearance and tax refund to Amazon services, we will provide a full range of protection for your business.

4. Continuous growth

The wave of the times pushes everything forward, and the logistics industry will constantly face new situations and new problems in the process of development. For logistics enterprises, in the face of the emerging opportunities and challenges, the only way to meet the growing new needs of customers is to adhere to diligence and innovation. Matic Express, the future is promising.

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As a Green Business we are in compliance with environmental regulations and take voluntary steps beyond compliance in the areas of• Pollution Prevention , • Energy Conservation , • Water Conservation , • Solid Waste Reduction

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